Who we are

Astelos Senior

We are an institution that provides the best possible care and living standards to seniors that want to live independently.

We can provide all the services a senior citizen can want or need and we provide it at the fraction of the price other institutions will charge you for the same service.

What are we all about

About us

We offer the best places for senior citizens that want to live independently. Our location is Macon Georgia and we can’t wait to meet you in person and show you around.


I was looking for a place to rent as far away from the city I currently lived. Found this place and so far it’s amazing. I love how relaxing it is here. Highly recommended.

Ryan Banks

I wanted to find a place where there would be more people my age so I can enjoy the new company in my spare time. This place is very accommodating and I love it here. 

Catherine Thornton

I would recommend this place to any senior citizen that wants to live alone. They have a huge facility and lots of people here are very friendly.

Stuart Moody

Always improving

Our Services

Around the clock handyman

When you move to one of our facilities you don’t ever have to worry about getting the right handyman for all your troubles. We provide a special one for you that will take care of all your housing issues.

Assisted living possibilities

If in the future, you might require assistance with your day we can provide the care for you. All you need to do is call us and request that we include you in the new program and you get a helper for all your needs

Prepared meals

Whenever you don’t want to cook we can provide a healthy meal for you. With our chefs, you won’t have to worry about making a mess in the kitchen ever again.

Social events

Whenever you feel bored we can take care of that problem. Just join our social events and your calendar will be full of fun activity.

Why choose us

Why should you choose us is the question, and the answer is very simple. 

Because we wants what is best for you and we can’t wait for you to tell us what you want. The services and senior independence living that we provide are top of the line and our prices are reasonable.

We want you to feel like you are in your home and we will do anything to accommodate you in that mission.

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