When the times comes and people grow old it’s hard for them to have a life like they are used to. Many people start having difficulties with their health and most require some form of assistance in their day-to-day activities. If your family member is getting to that stage that he might soon need to relocated to a senior facility where they can get the best care possible then you might need to prepare yourself for that talk. The talk can be a hard conversation and the hardest part is starting the conversation itself.

We understand that you might be hesitant to engage since you respect and love them enough to let them live how they want for as long as possible before its time to have that talk. However, that can be bad both for you and the family member in mind.

 The beginning of the talk

Post2aIn the beginning, you must realize that the senior people don’t want to feel like a burden or a victim at any given time. You as an individual probably hate it when somebody at work wants to do your job for you since it makes you feel incompetent. This is the same problem lots of people have when they begin the talk with their family member.

You can start the talk with a few suggestions and guide them through the conversation. For instance, lots of people find it burdensome to cook and clean at their old age. This can be something that can be handled for them if they want that to be taken care of them. Second, you can ensure them that it’s a better thing to have medical staff at hand than to travel to the hospital every time that they need a checkup.

 Post2bThe middle part

The middle part is when you get them interested but they are still not convinced. IF you got them interested you have done the hard part, now comes the search for the “perfect” location where they can see themselves living in the near future. This could take some time, but keep in mind they had lots of patience with you when you were growing up so show them the same respect here.

Post2cTalk with them and find out more information before you go searching for a place. For instance, find out would they want a natural habitat area or one that has more connection to the modern technological world. Once this part is done you are ready for the closing of the deal.

The last things to take care of

The last part of the conversation is to ensure that they don’t feel like they have been left alone in their new place. Ensure that you will visit them and follow up on that promise. Remember they had lots of time for you when you were growing up, so visit anytime they are open for visitors or not busy and make sure to spend some quality time with them.