About us

Our company was founded over a decade ago in the nice town of Macon in the state of Georgia. When we started providing our service we had a goal, which was to provide the best service in the country at the fraction of the price. Our CEO Mary Gordon has motivated and educated the employees and with his leadership,

our goals were met. We will still continue to improve our service and to provide the best care that we can. Let us help you find that relaxing spot where you can enjoy your retirement with the people who also want to just relax and enjoy their days without any stress.

Our Best Rooms

Closest to the action

If you prefer that your rooms are closer to the recreational facilities than we have rooms that can accommodate that need.

Relaxing views

The best houses have the most relaxing views. If you like to wake up and see the nature than these are the rooms that you want to have for yourself.

Additional care rooms

When you decide that you need some help with your daily tasks we have rooms that can accommodate those needs. All you need to do is request them.